Germany’s 1st boarding school for intensive training for nurses from third countries

The fastest and best way for your professional recognition and career in Germany.

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Our new offer


Become a recognized general nurse in Germany in just 3 months!


  • 200€ – for certified translations and copies
  • 500€ – Professional procedure/visa application
  • 150 € – DHL Express postal service
  • 500 € – flight costs
  • 250 € – B2 language test
  • 500 € – knowledge test

employment contract

We provide you through our own inpatient facilities

Visa process

We carry out completely for you and bear all costs incurred

Arrival to Germany

Comfortable by plane and also free of charge for you

Moving to the campus

Exclusively modern, newly renovated single rooms

Start of studies

You will receive daily training in German nursing standards for three months


You learn and work and receive € 3,000 gross per month, also a service allowance.

Completion with B2 & knowledge test

We cover all costs for your exam

Career start

As a care specialist with one of our TOP partners you will earn 2.800-3.400 € per month

How it works

Do you love your job in nursing and want to make it in Germany? Then set an important milestone for your career – with your studies at the Iuvare NursingCampus.



Fill out our brief application and secure your spot on the Iuvare Nursing Campus. After a video interview we will offer you a place.


Learn German

After successful application you start, depending on your German language skills, directly in our boarding school and complete this with the knowledge test.


Start a career

Start directly in a German care home for elderly people or in a clinic as a recognized general nurse into a more secure future in Germany.

Conditions of participation

  • You have successfully completed at least 3 years of studies in general nursing
  • You have a good command of the German language, both written and spoken, at a minimum level of B1.
  • You wish for a long-term future and career in the German nursing care for the elderly and the sick

Best and 100% honest service guaranteed!

Your studies in a nutshell

Iuvare has not just been around since yesterday, but for more than 40 years.

IUVARE itself operates inpatient and outpatient care facilities at 16 locations

IUVARE has already placed more than 400 foreign general nurses in Germany

Start phase
  • Support in the visa procedure within the framework of the accelerated skilled worker procedure
  • Preparation of a checklist for all application-relevant documents
  • Assumption of costs for certified translations
  • Assumption of costs for certified copies
  • Assumption of the entire procedural costs
  • Provision of an employment contract as an assistant nurse in the recognition process
    Monthly salary of approx. 3.000€ gross
Learning phase (3 months)
  • Full remuneration of €3,000.00 gross/month despite no actual operational activity.
  • Living in our Iuvare CareCampus (comfortable single and double rooms).
  • Monday – Friday up to 8 hours of specialized instruction to prepare for your knowledge exam.
  • Organization and payment of your participation in a B2 language exam.
  • For the accommodation provided by us, as well as the daily
  • lessons, we keep only € 600.00 as
  • rent and service fee from your monthly salary.
  • After 3 months of intensive training you will pass the knowledge test.
  • From the 4th month, your actual professional activity as a nursing assistant in the recognition process/nursing specialist begins.
  • We organize your transfer to the new employer.
  • After joining the company, you will live in free accommodation for the first month.
  • If you pass the knowledge test, you will receive an extra bonus of € 1,500 !
Career phase
  • Provided you have passed the knowledge test, you will be a recognized German nursing professional a few weeks after starting work and will receive a gross salary of between €3,200 and €3,400 (depending on the region).
  • If you do not pass the knowledge test, you will continue to work as a nursing assistant in the recognition process as normal.
    We organize a retest, or even a month of retesting in our Iuvare Nursing Campus. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the costs for a repeat test.

However, we will support you free of charge with all organizational matters.

Integration phase

In the further course of your professional career in Germany, we will always remain your friend and helper. We will contact you regularly to find out how you are doing, how you like it and if there are any problems. You can also contact us at any time with questions or concerns. We will accompany you continuously and support you with words and deeds.