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Learning and living at Germany’s 1st boarding school for nursing professionals from abroad.

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On three levels you will find a practice room, kitchen, classrooms, and much more.

The centrepiece of the Iuvare CareCampus is located on the ground floor of the building. This is divided into a teaching wing and a communal and residential wing. The training area consists of three large classrooms and a practice room, where the theoretical lessons of the preparatory courses for the knowledge test are held and the students learn and consolidate the German language.


The living area on this level offers space for a total of 12 residents, with ten single rooms and one double room. There are four bathrooms and an additional WC available for the living area on the ground floor alone, so that the division into three people per bathroom is also used here. There is a large kitchen with several sinks and ovens as well as numerous seating options. In addition, a hot meal is to be delivered daily for each pupil, which can be eaten here together. There is also an administration room, three storerooms, a large ladies’ and gents’ toilet and a lounge for the teachers.


The upper floor consists of 13 bedrooms, five bathrooms and two additional WCs. The bedrooms on this level are made up of 10 single rooms and 3 double rooms. We deliberately chose this layout to give each of our visitors the greatest possible privacy. However, as our experience also shows that many couples abroad decide to take this step together and become a recognised nursing professional in Germany, we have three double rooms on the upper floor so as not to separate the couples from each other. At full capacity, this means that 16 students can be accommodated here, sharing an average of three bathrooms each with five bathrooms available.


There are five further bedrooms in the basement, consisting of three single rooms, one double room and one triple room. The multi-bed rooms each have their own bathroom, while the single rooms share a bathroom and an additional WC. However, in order to ensure a cosy atmosphere here too, windows have been elaborately installed above floor level. There is also a laundry in the basement with several free washing machines and dryers where students can do their laundry. 

The existing outdoor area and the former schoolyard will be transformed into an attractive campus courtyard with plenty of space for activities and a communal barbecue area will be added, for example.

Directly opposite the care campus is a sports field and an adjacent gym, which can also be used for sports activities. The aim is to ensure that sufficient physical activity contributes to a positive learning atmosphere.

Your benefits

We offer you numerous additional services,
which are of course free of charge for you.


There is a large sports field for leisure activities right next to it. Larger cities such as Hanover can be reached in just 45 minutes by public transport.

Cars & bicycles

A total of 4 cars and bicycles are available for you. These can be used freely for everyday errands.


Extra large kitchen on the ground floor with several ovens and sinks, so that there is enough space for all residents.


Free washing machines and dryers are available in the basement.